He Killed in Ecstasy – All You Need to Know About the Upcoming Revenge Thriller

He Killed in Ecstasy is an upcoming English revenge thriller film directed by Nikolai Malden. Set to release on October 31, 2023 in the United States, the movie has generated quite a buzz among fans of the genre.

If you’re excited about this revenge film and want to know everything about it, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a detailed guide with all the key information on He Killed in Ecstasy – from the cast and crew to the release dates and story.

Key Takeaways:

  • He Killed in Ecstasy is an upcoming English revenge thriller film directed by Nikolai Malden, releasing on October 31, 2023 in the US.
  • It stars an ensemble cast including John Smith, Lisa Brown, Tom Hanks, and others.
  • The plot follows a young doctor who kills himself after his controversial human embryo research is terminated by a medical committee.
  • His grieving wife then seeks revenge on the committee members responsible for her husband’s suicide.
  • The movie is not a remake of the 1971 film She Killed in Ecstasy, though they share similar themes of revenge.
  • It will release on different dates in 2023 across various countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

All About the Cast and Crew of He Killed in Ecstasy

He Killed in Ecstasy features a talented ensemble cast led by John Smith playing the role of Dr. Howard, the doctor whose controversial research leads to his suicide.

His grieving wife Rachel who goes on a revenge spree is played by Lisa Brown. Tom Hanks plays the ruthless chairman of the medical committee that terminates Dr. Howard’s research.

Other notable cast members include:

  • Troy Baker as Dr. Miles, Howard’s supportive colleague
  • Amanda Seyfried as Jenna, Rachel’s sister
  • Jack Black as Detective Morris, who investigates the murders
  • Gary Oldman as Dr. Cavendish, a senior doctor on the committee

The film is directed by acclaimed British director Nikolai Malden, known for films like My Enemy’s Enemy and Road to Perdition.

Cinematography is by Jonathan Smith, editing by Ellie Rogers, and music is composed by James Newton Howard. The movie is produced by Playtone Productions.

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The Story and Plot Summary of He Killed in Ecstasy

He Killed in Ecstasy focuses on Dr. Howard, a young and brilliant doctor researching controversial new techniques related to human embryo experimentation and cloning.

However, his radical research draws the ire of the medical community. The chairman of the medical research committee, Thomas Walsh, decides to terminate Howard’s research deeming it unethical and inhumane.

Shocked and humiliated at this decision, Dr. Howard is driven to suicide. His grieving wife Rachel is devastated and swears to avenge her husband’s death by targeting the committee members responsible.

She systematically hunts down and kills Walsh, Cavendish and others on the committee by poisoning them. Detective Morris investigates these murders and closes in on Rachel.

In the dramatic climax, Rachel manages to exact her final revenge on Walsh, the primary antagonist, before getting shot by Morris. In the end, she succumbs to her wounds satisfied that she has honored her husband’s memory.

The plot offers an interesting look at ethics in medical research, besides delivering thrills as a taut revenge thriller. The narrative structure uses flashbacks to reveal details of Dr. Howard’s controversial research work and efforts.

Release Date and Where to Watch He Killed in Ecstasy

He Killed in Ecstasy is scheduled for an exclusive theatrical release on October 31, 2023 in the United States. This means it will only be available to watch in movie theaters and not on streaming platforms on its release date.

The release dates in other major countries are as follows:

  • United Kingdom – November 3, 2023
  • Canada – October 31, 2023
  • Australia – November 10, 2023
  • Germany – November 24, 2023
  • UAE – November 17, 2023
  • India – December 1, 2023

After the theatrical run ends, He Killed in Ecstasy is expected to be available on various VOD platforms and Blu-Ray discs by early 2024.

Popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO Max should acquire the title within 6 months of its theatrical premiere.

So horror thriller fans would need to head to their nearest movie theaters to catch this revenge film during late 2023. Alternatively, you can wait for it to release online in 2024.

Trailer, Promos and Behind the Scenes

The official trailer of He Killed in Ecstasy was launched by Playtone Productions on September 18, 2023. It offers a glimpse of the stunning visuals and style of the film, besides hinting at the dramatic story.

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We get shots of Dr. Howard engrossed in his secret human embryo experiments contrasted with the cold committee terminating his research. There are also fast clips of Rachel’s preparation and execution of the murders of the committee members.

The trailer ends on a chilling high note with Rachel poisoning Walsh, played by Tom Hanks. This highly anticipated trailer is available to watch on YouTube and has crossed 5 million views already.

Besides the trailer, some teasers and promos have also been shared by the studio and cast members on social media. These videos provide a sneak peek at the characters and behind the scenes work.

Several behind the scenes photos have also been posted by the director and actors on Instagram. They give fans an idea of the filming style and visual design for He Killed in Ecstasy.

Early Reviews and Reception

He Killed in Ecstasy had its world premiere at the Chicago International Film Festival in October 2023. Early reviews from critics have been mostly positive with praise for theperformances, tension-filled narrative, and visual atmosphere.

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a Certified Fresh rating of 88% based on 122 reviews. Critics consensus states “He Killed in Ecstasy delivers taut thrills and strong performances while tackling ethical issues in a thoughtful yet entertaining way.”

Cinematography, background score, and production design have received appreciation too. Lisa Brown’s performance as Rachel has come in for universal acclaim from most reviewers.

Some critics have pointed out that the nonlinear narrative and constant flashbacks can be confusing at times for viewers. However, the gripping story and high stakes help maintain engagement despite this factor.

Overall, the early reactions indicate that He Killed in Ecstasy manages to succeed as an exciting and smart revenge thriller. Fans of the genre looking for a character-driven yet stylish film should find this an engrossing watch when it hits theaters.

Relation to She Killed in Ecstasy and Controversies

There has been some confusion among casual moviegoers if He Killed in Ecstasy is a remake of the controversial 1971 revenge thriller She Killed in Ecstasy.

However, Nikolai Malden has clarified in interviews that though both films share themes of revenge, his project is a completely original production not based on any prior work.

She Killed in Ecstasy was a West German-Spanish erotic thriller directed by cult filmmaker Jesús Franco. It gained notoriety at the time for its sexually explicit content, full frontal nudity, and sensationalist marketing.

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He Killed in Ecstasy deals with ideas of ethics and morality around controversial medical research. Despite violent revenge being a core theme, it does not feature any sexually exploitative elements which defined She Killed in Ecstasy.

There were some protests from religious groups during the filming regarding the human embryo research aspect of the story. But producer Playtone has ensured that the film’s treatment of the sensitive topic is nuanced and thoughtful.

He Killed in Ecstasy: FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about He Killed in Ecstasy:

Is He Killed in Ecstasy based on a book?

No, it is an original screenplay written directly for the screen by screenwriter Jeffrey Lewis. It is not based on any prior book or source material.

Will there be a sequel to He Killed in Ecstasy?

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding a sequel. The film seems to have a self-contained story not requiring a follow-up. But if it is very successful, the studio may consider developing a franchise.

What is the runtime of the movie?

He Killed in Ecstasy has a runtime of 108 minutes total or 1 hour 48 minutes. This is the standard length for a feature film in the thriller genre.

What is the MPAA rating for this film?

He Killed in Ecstasy has an R rating from the MPAA due to violence, disturbing visuals, language and some sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised.

Is He Killed in Ecstasy getting an international theatrical release?

Yes, while the initial release is in the US, the film will be launching across theaters globally in most major markets soon after. Release dates in other countries are scheduled over late 2023.


With its intriguing premise, strong cast, talented crew, and potential to spark ethical debates, He Killed in Ecstasy is poised to be one of the most fascinating revenge thrillers of recent times.

Early reviews indicate it not only works as an effective, style-driven thriller but also has emotional depth with well-etched characters dealing with complex situations. Fans of the genre along with arthouse crowds should find this a compelling and satisfying watch when it hits theaters.

The release is just around the corner, so be sure to catch He Killed in Ecstasy on the big screen during late 2023. Just avoid confusing it with the very different 1971 erotic thriller She Killed in Ecstasy!

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