Terrifying New Shark Thriller Blind Waters Promises Vacation Nightmare

The shark thriller genre gets a terrifying new entry with Blind Waters, arriving in 2023. This stranded-at-sea survival story sounds like a pulse-pounding ride.

All About Blind Waters

Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, known for other shark thrillers like Megalodon, Blind Waters boasts a simple but effective premise.

It stars Noam Sigler, Francisco Angelini, and Jhey Castles as a couple whose dream vacation turns into a nightmare. A relentless shark leaves them stranded at sea, where they must fight for their lives.

Produced by The Global Asylum, the movie filmed in color and English. It’s set for an English-language release in the US in 2023 by the American production company.


  • Release date August 12, 2023)
  • Country of origin United States
  • Official site studio website
  • Language English
  • Production company The Global Asylum

Who’s In the Cast of Blind Waters ?

  • Noam Sigler
  • Jhey Castles
  • Patty Cruz
  • Gabriel Angulo
  • Chris Cleveland
  • Francisco Angelini
  • Martijn Kuiper
  • Becki Hayes
  • Meghan Carrasquillo

Is There a Trailer for Blind Waters?

BLIND WATERS Trailer (2023) Shark Movie

What’s in Store?

With its killer shark attack meets castaways survival plot, Blind Waters promises an intense thrill ride. The terrifying shark threat combined with the desperate stranded characters pitted against the vast open ocean should make for a gripping viewing experience.

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Will the couple survive against the odds? Or will the ocean predator prevail? With this exhilarating premise, Blind Waters seems primed to deliver suspenseful action sequences and keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Blind Waters be released?

The shark thriller is expected to premiere sometime in 2023. An exact release date is not yet announced.

Who stars in the movie?

Noam Sigler, Francisco Angelini, and Jhey Castles play the lead roles of the stranded couple pitted against a fierce shark.

What is the plot of Blind Waters?

It follows a couple whose dream vacation turns into a nightmare when their boat breaks down and a relentless shark stalks them in the open ocean. Stranded at sea, they must battle to stay alive.

Brace for a Thrilling Shark Attack Tale

With its intense premise of a shark attack turning a dream vacation into a desperate fight for survival, Blind Waters promises a terrifying thriller. Trapped in the vast open ocean with a relentless predator, the stakes could not be higher for the characters. This exciting man vs shark plot should have action fans braced for a thrilling ride. Will you take the plunge into Blind Waters?

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