Camp Pleasant Lake 2024: Release Dates, Plot, Cast & More

Camp Pleasant Lake is an upcoming American horror film set to release on February 27, 2024. Directed by Thomas Walton, the slasher throwback film centers around a couple who decides to open a horror camp on an abandoned camp property where a brutal crime had occurred 20 years ago.

As they reopen Camp Pleasant Lake, sinister forces tied to the property’s dark history begin to emerge, unraveling a two-decade old mystery.

Key Takeaways

  • Camp Pleasant Lake is releasing on February 27, 2024 in the United States
  • The horror movie is set around an abandoned campsite with a chilling past
  • It stars Jonathan Lipnicki, Michael Paré, Bonnie Aarons and others
  • The plot involves the disappearance of a young girl 20 years ago
  • As new owners reopen the camp, they confront evil forces related to the cold case

What is Camp Pleasant Lake About?

Camp Pleasant Lake follows Rick and Darlene Rutherford, an entrepreneurial couple who decide to capitalize on the infamy surrounding an abandoned summer camp property called Camp Pleasant Lake.

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20 years ago at Camp Pleasant Lake, a young girl named Echo Meadows was kidnapped and her parents brutally murdered. With the campsite remaining deserted since, the Rutherfords seek to reopen it as a profitable horror camp attraction.

However, as they breathe life into the property, its sinister history begins to manifest itself. Eerie events imply evil forces are still tied to the long unsolved crime involving Echo.

As the 20-year-old mystery unravels with the missing girl at the center, the Rutherfords must confront and overcome the chilling forces they’ve unearthed.

Camp Pleasant Lake | Official Trailer | Horror Brains

Who Stars in Camp Pleasant Lake 2024?

The Camp Pleasant Lake cast features:

  • Jonathan Lipnicki as Jasper Meadows
  • Michael Paré as Rick Rutherford
  • Bonnie Aarons as Esmeralda
  • Andrew Divoff as Evil Man
  • Robert LaSardo as Angel
  • Kelly Lynn Reiter as Echo Meadows
  • Mike Ferguson as Lucifer ‘Lou’
  • Devanny Pinn as Harper
  • Elley Ringo as Grace

When is Camp Pleasant Lake Coming Out?

Camp Pleasant Lake has a release date set for February 27, 2024 in the United States. The film was primarily shot in Santa Clarita, California.

It’s being distributed by Amazon Prime Video through Safier Entertainment and other production companies involved including PhilaDreams Films and Lux Angeles Studios.

What is The Trailer for Camp Pleasant Lake About?

The 2 minute 40 seconds long official trailer sets up Camp Pleasant Lake’s main storyline focused on the Rutherfords reopening a horror camp. It indicates the couple has ties to the location’s past crimes.

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We’re introduced to Echo Meadows, the kidnapped girl whose disappearance remains a 20-year unsolved mystery. Sinister supernatural forces seem to linger around Camp Pleasant Lake.

The trailer builds tension, teasing there are chilling revelations to come regarding Echo’s unknown fate. It conveys the decades-old secrets tied to the camp’s history will have deadly consequences for those unraveling them in the present.

What Can We Expect from Camp Pleasant Lake’s Plot?

As outlined earlier, Camp Pleasant Lake will center around entrepreneurs Rick and Darlene Rutherford breathing life into an abandoned campground notorious for the kidnapping and murder of Echo Meadows’ family 20 years ago.

We can expect the plot to slowly reveal details behind Echo’s disappearance as the Rutherfords experience increasingly sinister supernatural events after reopening Camp Pleasant Lake.

It’s likely solving what happened to Echo and confronting the evil forces that took her will be central to the storyline’s progression and mystery. The cold case being thrust back into the limelight seems key to unleashing the movie’s horrors.

Ultimately, the decades-old secrets and entities tied to Camp Pleasant Lake will endanger the Rutherfords as echoes of the property’s dark history begin to manifest in violent ways.

Is there a Trailer for Camp Pleasant Lake?

Yes, there are two trailers available for Camp Pleasant Lake. An official 2 minute 40 seconds long trailer and a shorter 1 minute 3 seconds long second trailer.

What are Some Similar Movies to Camp Pleasant Lake?

From its premise and early marketing clips, similar horror movies to Camp Pleasant Lake include:

  • Death Walks Behind You
  • Crypt of Evil
  • The Night of the Harvest
  • The Vengeance of Dracula
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Is Camp Pleasant Lake getting a Sequel?

As of February 2024, there’s no confirmation or indication that Camp Pleasant Lake is planned as a franchise or will have sequel films made. However, this could change in the future dependent on the first movie’s success and audience demand.

How Long is Camp Pleasant Lake?

The official runtime for Camp Pleasant Lake is yet to be confirmed. As a feature length horror film, it’s likely to have a duration between 90 to 120 minutes.

Will Camp Pleasant Lake be Available on Streaming?

Yes, Camp Pleasant Lake will be immediately available to stream on Amazon Prime Video upon its February 27, 2024 release date in the US. International streaming availability may vary.


Camp Pleasant Lake brings a sinister supernatural twist to the classic slasher horror premise of a reopened campground with a haunted past. It has the potential to be a highly gripping and spooky viewing experience for the genre’s fans.

With its talented cast, intriguing cold case plot and tense atmosphere built up in trailers so far, expectations are high for the film’s ability to deliver thrilling scares. The unraveling of what happened to Echo Meadows will likely take center stage in drawing viewers into the movie’s creepy revelations and dangers emerging from the past.

Whether Camp Pleasant Lake lives up to early hype or not, horror devotees have another chilling story to look forward to uncovering when it releases February 2024.

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