Night Swim Movie Release Dates Around the World


  • Brief background on Night Swim movie (genre, director, stars etc.)
  • Note global excitement and anticipation for release

Release Dates

Early Release Countries

  • Australia – January 4, 2024
  • Hong Kong – January 4, 2024
  • Kuwait – January 4, 2024
  • Mexico – January 4, 2024
  • Netherlands – January 4, 2024
  • Other early release countries

United States Release

  • Date: January 5, 2024
  • Strategic late release to build anticipation

Remaining Countries and Dates

  • [Country 1] – [Release date 1]
  • [Country 2] – [Release date 2]
  • etc.

Night Swim | Official Trailer 2 

Night Swim | Official Trailer 2

Why Varying Release Dates?

  • Discuss global distribution strategy
  • Maximizing hype and awareness
  • Avoiding leaks/piracy

How to Watch Night Swim Now

  • Options for viewing in countries where movie hasn’t released yet


  • Wrap up excitement for Night Swim release
  • Final reminder of global release dates

Let me know if you would like me to expand on any part of this outline further! I’m happy to assist with drafting the full blog post as well.

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