The Seduction of Dracula 2024 Release Dates


  • The Seduction of Dracula is an upcoming 2024 horror movie directed by Nicholas Malden and written by Miles Jonn-Dalton
  • It stars Miles Jonn-Dalton, Antonio Mayans, Ellen Wing, John Levene, and others
  • Scheduled release date is February 28, 2024 in the United States

Plot and Details

  • No full plot synopsis available yet
  • Listed genres are horror and parents guide/content advisory suggested
  • Production details:
    • Production company is Cinefilm Transinternational
    • Runtime is 80 minutes
    • Filmed in color, aspect ratio 2.35:1

Cast and Crew

  • Director: Nicholas Malden
  • Writer: Miles Jonn-Dalton
  • Stars:
    • Miles Jonn-Dalton as Count Dracula
    • Antonio Mayans as Van Helsing
    • Ellen Wing as Lucinda
    • John Levene as Dr. Polidori
    • Others such as Lestrange, Elisabeth Bathory, Carmilla Karnstein

Similar and Recommended Movies

  • Other Dracula and vampire movies like:
    • The Reincarnation of Dracula
    • The Vengeance of Dracula
    • Frankenstein vs. Dracula
  • Highly rated recent and upcoming horror movies like:
    • Dreams of Darkness
    • The Holdovers
    • Lisa Frankenstein

Release Information

  • Country of origin is United States
  • Language is English
  • Releasing February 28, 2024 in the United States

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