Daddio 2024 Release Dates Around the World


Daddio is an upcoming 2024 American drama film directed by Christy Hall and starring Dakota Johnson and Sean Penn. It centers around a woman who engages in a deep conversation with a taxi driver during a ride from JFK airport about the important relationships in their lives.

The film has generated significant buzz since it appeared on the 2017 Blacklist of most liked unmade scripts. It is slated for a Russian release on May 23, 2024. However, it will first premiere at several high-profile film festivals in 2023 before its worldwide theatrical release.

Here is an overview of the confirmed and expected Daddio 2024 release dates across various countries.

DADDIO Trailer (2024) Dakota Johnson, Sean Penn

Festival Premieres in 2023

  • The film will have its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival in the United States on September 1, 2023. Telluride is an exclusive festival that highlights acclaimed films and kickstarts the awards season buzz.
  • Daddio will also screen at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada on September 10, 2023. As one of the largest public film festivals, Toronto provides great exposure and is an important stop for awards contenders.
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United States

  • A limited release in major US cities like New York and Los Angeles is expected in November 2023 to qualify for awards season.
  • Daddio will likely have its nationwide US release sometime between January and March 2024. This window capitalizes on the awards buzz and winter season where dramas perform well.
  • The US digital and Blu-Ray release is anticipated around June or July 2024.


  • Along with the Toronto Film Festival screening, a wider Canadian release is expected for late November 2023.
  • The disc and digital release in Canada should occur alongside the US in June/July 2024.

United Kingdom

  • Daddio may have a limited UK release in January or February 2024 following awards nominations.
  • The UK wide release is planned for March 2024.
  • The Blu-Ray and digital release is slated for July/August 2024.

Australia and New Zealand

  • Daddio is expected to arrive down under in April 2024 after its North American run.
  • Disc and digital release for Australia/New Zealand will likely happen in August 2024.

Rest of World

  • The film will premiere across Europe during April and May 2024 around its Russian release date. This includes key markets like France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.
  • An India release is planned for June 2024 to take advantage of the summer holidays there.
  • Most other territories can expect Daddio to release between May to August 2024.
  • Digital and physical release for remaining countries is planned for August to October 2024 window.

Why a Staggered Release Strategy?

Daddio is employing a staggered release timeline across various regions to take advantage of awards buzz and seasonal performance.

  • Festival premieres and limited release in 2023 will qualify it for awards and generate hype.
  • The early 2024 North America window capitalizes on awards nominations and winter seasons suited for serious dramas.
  • Europe and other English language markets follow after North America when the buzz is strongest.
  • Emerging markets get to premiere during peak summer or holiday periods when audiences are most active.
  • Disc and digital release is spaced out to account for performance across different regions.
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Alternative Release Options

While a traditional theatrical run seems planned for Daddio, there are some other release strategies that could be considered:

  • A global digital release on a streaming platform may be an option for simulataneous worldwide access. However, this would limit box office potential.
  • After the theatrical run, releasing on a single mainstream streaming platform like Netflix could give it a wider reach than niche arthouse audiences.
  • Partnering with an airline entertainment service could help reach captive global audiences during the staggered release timeline.
  • Early digital purchase or rental options while the film is still in theaters can tap into audiences unwilling to visit cinemas.


Daddio aims to utilize a methodical release schedule spanning over a year to maximize its box office revenue and awards potential. The film will first look to create buzz on the festival circuit before rolling out theatrically worldwide. While the exact dates are still subject to change, the planned release trajectory follows the playbook of similar character-driven indie dramas. The measured approach will help it sustain positive word-of-mouth and media coverage across its theatrical run.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Daddio release in the US?

Daddio is expected to have a limited US release in late 2023 to qualify for awards season, followed by a wide domestic release between January to March 2024.

What film festivals will it premiere at?

Daddio will have its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival on September 1, 2023. It will also screen at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10, 2023.

Will Daddio release digitally or stream online?

Following its theatrical run, Daddio is expected to release on digital and streaming platforms between June to August 2024 depending on the region.

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What is the plot of Daddio?

Daddio centers on a woman who engages in an extended conversation with a taxi driver about relationships while being driven from JFK airport.

Who are the cast members in Daddio?

Daddio stars Dakota Johnson and Sean Penn in the lead roles, along with Marcos A. Gonzalez in a supporting role.


Daddio aims to follow a strategic release timeline that studios use to maximize awards potential and revenue for prestige dramas. By premiering at fall film festivals, platforming over awards season, and then rolling out globally, it can sustain buzz over its entire theatrical run. While the exact dates are still subject to change, the roadmap gives a clear picture of how an indie drama release is planned using the conventional playbook. Alternative release strategies like digital streaming may be considered down the line to widen its reach.

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