A Royal Makeover: A Feel-Good Hallmark Romance Set in Picturesque Alaska

Hallmark Channel ushered in 2023 with the premiere of their latest original romantic movie, A Royal Makeover. Starring Cindy Busby and Kavan Smith, this lighthearted rom-com delivers exactly what Hallmark fans look for – heartwarming storylines, family themes, comedic moments, and of course, romance.

The Story: Finding Love and Family in Unexpected Places

A Royal Makeover follows Hannah, an ambitious young executive sent to the small town of Kincaid, Alaska. Her mission is to restructure their unique monarchy, which has fallen on hard times.

Upon arriving, Hannah meets King Richard, a widower who inherited the throne. He’s struggling to keep the royal lineage alive while raising his two daughters. Hannah initially clashes with Richard, but soon a spark develops between them.

As she spends more time in Kincaid, Hannah forms a close bond with Richard’s daughters. She also comes to appreciate the quaint town’s community spirit and natural beauty. In the process, Hannah discovers what’s really important in life – love, family, and being open to the unexpected.

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Behind the Scenes: Filming in Picturesque Vancouver

A Royal Makeover was filmed on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, which stood in for the fictional town of Kincaid, Alaska. Vancouver’s mountain vistas and forest landscapes provide a convincing, and breathtaking, depiction of the Alaska setting.

According to director Rick Jacobson, “Having those expansive, grand locations was essential for bringing the story to life. The sheer scale of the landscape immerses viewers in this world and Hannah’s transformative journey.”

Is There a Trailer for A Royal Makeover ?

A Royal Makeover Trailer

Cast Chemistry: The Heart of the Story

At the core of any Hallmark romance are the lead actors and their on-screen chemistry. Cindy Busby and Kavan Smith have starred in numerous projects together, which translates into natural, believable interactions.

Critics especially praised Busby’s performance, with her ability to balance Hannah’s ambition with a growing vulnerability. Meanwhile, Smith brings his trademark charm to King Richard, a man struggling to preserve his family’s legacy.


Familiar Formula: Comfort Viewing for Fans

Yes, the plot of A Royal Makeover sticks closely to conventional Hallmark formulas. However, the end product still makes for a satisfying viewing experience. Fans know what to expect and often find comfort in the familiar story beats.

While the plot twists won’t shock anyone, the emotional payoffs ring true. We watch Hannah open herself up to life’s surprises and rediscover her priorities. Themes of family, community, and being welcomed into the unexpected places life takes you resonate throughout.

The Verdict: A Feel-Good Escape

At the end of the day, A Royal Makeover accomplishes exactly what it aimed for – providing an enjoyable escape for 90 minutes. The warm performances, witty script, and stunning Alaska backdrops left viewers feeling uplifted.

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Sure, it’s predictable and a bit cheesy. But given the often heavy events dominating headlines, sometimes you just need a sweet, hopeful movie you can relax into. A Royal Makeover fits that bill – a gentle, well-crafted distraction from real-world worries.


When and where can I watch A Royal Makeover?

A Royal Makeover premiered January 21, 2023 on Hallmark Channel. Encores are airing frequently so check your local listings. It’s also available on streaming and VOD platforms like Hallmark Movies Now.

Is A Royal Makeover based on a book?

No, the movie is an original story not based on any existing book or source material. It was written specifically for Hallmark by screenwriter Alex Wright.

Where was A Royal Makeover filmed?

The movie was filmed entirely on location in Vancouver, British Columbia. The region’s mountain scenery gives the fictional Alaskan town of Kincaid a stunning visual backdrop

Will there be a sequel to A Royal Makeover?

As of now, there have been no announcements about a sequel. However, given the film’s warm reception, a follow-up movie is certainly a possibility, especially for diehard Hallmark fans.

Are Cindy Busby and Kavan Smith dating in real life?

No, Cindy Busby and Kavan Smith are not a real-life couple. They are friends and colleagues who have co-starred in multiple Hallmark films, but are not romantically involved.

In Conclusion: The Perfect Vehicle for Hallmark’s Bread and Butter

Hallmark has built an entertainment empire by giving viewers exactly what they crave – heartwarming, hopeful stories about everyday people finding love. While predictable, A Royal Makeover checks all the right boxes and is elevated by its dazzling scenery and lead actors’ easy chemistry.

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It may not win any awards, but provides a sweet, uplifting escape. This gentle journey to an idyllic Alaska town allows us to experience the transformative power of embracing life’s surprises. A Royal Makeover is comfort food cinema done right – the perfect vehicle for Hallmark’s bread and butter.

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