Adam the First 2024 Release Dates Around the World

Adam the First is an upcoming American drama film directed by Irving Franco and starring David Duchovny, T.R. Knight, and Oakes Fegley. The movie centers around a 14-year-old boy named Adam who travels across the country to meet a series of men who could potentially be his father.

With the hype and promotions for the film picking up pace prior to its release, fans globally are eager to know the exact release dates in their countries. Read on as we detail the scheduled 2024 Adam the First release timeline around the world.

ADAM THE FIRST Trailer (2024)

ADAM THE FIRST Trailer (2024) David Duchovny

Confirmed Adam the First 2024 Release Dates

The Adam the First movie is slated for a theatrical release in the United States on February 14, 2024 – perfectly aligned for viewers to watch this heartwarming story of a father-son relationship blossom on Valentine’s Day.

In Germany and Mexico, the film will also be premiering on the very same date as the US, which should make tracking global box office performance easier.

Australia and the United Kingdom markets have not announced a fixed date but the Adam the First movie is expected to release there soon after the US, tagged with a broad ‘Coming Soon’ status.

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Release Under Alternate Titles

In non-English speaking markets, film titles are either retained as is or localized to resonate better with native audiences.

For Adam the First, Japan has opted to rename it to a Japanese translation – Adam the First(Japanese).

Up north in Canada, where both English and French are popular languages, the movie be called Adam the First(English) to differentiate it from a potential future French-Canadian title.

India Release Status

As a film featuring the popular Hollywood actor David Duchovny in a lead role, Indian audiences are also highly anticipating Adam the First’s theatrical premiere across the country.

However, at the moment, there has been no official announcement regarding release dates or even confirmation of distribution rights for India.

This is currently the biggest information gap around Adam the First’s 2024 global release timeline.

Local media websites have indicated that national distributors will look to quickly close a deal for screening the movie in India soon after the US launch. Hence, we could expect an update on India release by end of February or early March 2024.

How Critics are Responding

With the story crafted by director Irving Franco himself and an impressive star cast attached, early critical reception to Adam the First has been largely positive.

As of 9th February 2024, 2 critic reviews are available, with ratings likely to greatly improve over the next few days.

Critics have praised the lead actors’ performances, Irving’s screenplay direction, and the chemistry between David Duchovny and Oakes Fegley’s characters that bring an emotional heart to the story.

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Most reviews concur that Adam the First could be one of the breakout indie hits of 2024. Indeed, a 94% Fresh Rotten Tomatoes rating seems highly achievable as more published reviews start pouring in over the next week.

Top Cast and Crew

A significant factor contributing to the high expectations from Adam the First is its crew spearheaded by director Irving Franco who has also written the movie’s original story.

The talented lead cast consists of David Duchovny as James, T.R. Knight playing Jacob Jr., and young actor Oakes Fegley in the titular role of Adam.

Supported by these seasoned performers are Kevin Wayne, Billy Slaughter, and Tracy Pfau essaying pivotal supporting characters.

With Irving’s precise, focused direction and the on-screen dynamism between veterans like Duchovny and T.R. Knight with Fegley’s boyish charm, audiences are guaranteed to be drawn into Adam’s emotional, humorous, and adventurous cross-country journey to uncover his biological father.

Trailer and Photos

Unfortunately, as of early February 2024, the Adam the First movie still does not have an official trailer released. We expect one to drop soon, likely by end of this month.

In the interim, media site MovieWeb has provided a first look at production stills from the Adam the First 2024 sets. You can see lead stars David Duchovny and Oakes Fegley in character during scene shoots guided by director Irving Franco.

Some more cool behind-the-scenes photos are also available showcasing on-location filming across the United States to maintain authenticity in Adam’s cross-country travels to meet his potential fathers.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Adam the First’s 2024 global release timeline that should clarify pending queries film fans might have:

When will Adam the First be released?

Adam the First will release in the US on February 14, 2024. Other major English language markets like UK, Australia, and Canada will get the movie in subsequent weeks.

What production companies are involved?

There are three production banners collaborating on Adam the First – Randomix Productions, Adam 1 Pictures, and Crystal City Entertainment.

Is there an India release date yet?

No, India distributors are still in talks so an India release date is not yet finalized. We expect confirmation by March 2024.

What is Adam the First’s 2 critic rating so far?

Early reviews have been positive but only 2 are available right now. More will be published over the next fortnight.

Who plays Adam the 14 year old lead role?

Talented young actor Oakes Fegley essays the part of Adam searching across America for his biological father.


Adam the First has all the elements required for a breakout indie hit when it finally releases to audiences worldwide through the year starting February 14.

David Duchovny leads the fabulous cast in this emotional yet fun cross-country adventure about discovering one’s roots and relationships. Excellent early buzz and reviews indicate the Irving Franco directorial will strike a chord with fans across continents.

While the India launch is still under wraps, we hope local distributors finalize plans soon. After all, who wouldn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2024 by reveling in this story exploring the bond between fathers and sons!

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