All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt – Release Date In Each Country

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt is an upcoming American drama film directed by Raven Jackson that is set to release in theaters on November 3, 2023. The film premiered earlier this year at several film festivals and has generated significant buzz.

Here is an in-depth look at everything you need to know about All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt:

Key Takeaways:

  • All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt is an American drama directed by Raven Jackson.
  • It premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and has screened at several other major film festivals.
  • The film will be released in theaters in the United States on November 3, 2023.
  • It explores a woman’s life across decades in Mississippi and has been described as lyrical and haunting.
  • The unique and poetic title is likely a metaphor relating to the film’s themes.

Overview and Background

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt is the newest film from director Raven Jackson, who is best known for her work on smaller independent films. While details are scarce about the actual plot and characters, some key facts have been revealed about the production and release of the movie:

  • Filming Locations: The movie was filmed on location in Mississippi, providing an authentic backdrop to the story.
  • Premiere: All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt had its world premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival in January where it screened in the U.S. Dramatic Competition category.
  • Festival Screenings: Since Sundance, the film has screened at Donostia-San Sebastián International Film Festival in Spain and New York Film Festival among others. It is scheduled for several more festival screenings in October 2023.
  • Theatrical Release: The film will be released in the United States on November 3, 2023. International release dates have not yet been announced.
  • Production Company: All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt is produced by Night Shade Productions.
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All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt Trailer

ALL DIRT ROADS TASTE OF SALT Trailer (2023) Kaylee Nicole Johnson, A24 Movie

Decades-Spanning Exploration of a Woman’s Life

The official synopsis describes All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt as a “decades-spanning exploration across a woman’s life in Mississippi.”

Based on this line and the title, it seems the movie will use the metaphor of different dirt roads to chronicle the stages of the main female character’s life journey over several decades in the rural south.

The decades-long narrative likely allows the film to explore the protagonist at various ages, following the twists and turns her life path takes from childhood to adulthood. The dirt roads may represent each phase of her life’s trajectory.

Lyrical, Haunting Portrait of Mississippi

All early reviews for All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt have emphasized the lyrical, evocative nature of the film.

The cinematography and visuals are described as haunting and beautiful in how they capture rural Mississippi. Along with the poetic title, this suggests the movie paints an expressive visual portrait of the south.

The film’s page on the Sundance website specifically states “lyrical, haunting and richly layered portrait of a woman’s life in Mississippi.” This indicates the movie aims for a poetic, multi-faceted depiction of the female lead’s experiences in the rural south.

Possible Meanings Behind the Title

The unique and ambiguous title All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt has generated a lot of speculation about its significance. Here are some of the popular theories about potential meanings:

  • Sweat and Hardship: The “salt” taste could symbolize sweat and hardship experienced through hard labor and challenges faced living in the rural south.
  • Tears: The salt may metaphorically represent tears shed over a difficult life.
  • Memories: The taste could refer to nostalgic memories tied to a place that come rushing back.
  • Mortality: Salt is sometimes connected to human mortality and could signal the themes of life and death.

Without seeing the film, it’s impossible to know the true meaning behind the distinctive title. However, it seems clear the salt is symbolic of some deeper thematic element that will be explored over the course of the movie. The interpretation will likely become clearer once viewers can experience the title within the full context of the film.

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Who’s Involved with All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt

Director: Raven Jackson
Previous credits: Sins of My Sister, For June, The Edge of Winter

Production Company: Night Shade Productions
Indie production company focusing on provocative films

Cinematography: Jonas Foster
Known for work on atmospheric indie films

Costume Designer: Elena Grisky

Cast: Specific casting details have not yet been revealed.

Release Dates for All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt has either screened at or is scheduled to screen at the following 2023 film festivals and events:

  • January 22 – Sundance Film Festival (World Premiere)
  • September 24 – Donostia-San Sebastián International Film Festival (Spain)
  • October – AFI Fest (Los Angeles)
  • October 1 – Nashville Film Festival
  • October 9 – New York Film Festival
  • October 13 – BFI London Film Festival (UK)
  • October 18 – Chicago International Film Festival
  • October 21 – Montclair Film Festival (New Jersey)
  • October 21 – Twin Cities Film Festival (Minneapolis)
  • October 24 – Indie Memphis Film Festival
  • November 3 – Theatrical Release (United States)

International release dates are still to be announced. The film will likely continue to screen at regional US film festivals throughout October before opening in theaters nationwide in early November.

Early Reviews: Visually Stunning and Evocative

Even with limited plot details available, early reviews out of festivals have been very positive – especially praising the cinematography and visual style.

Here are excerpts from a few early reviews:

“The haunting cinematography creates an utterly transportive sense of place…” – Indiewire

“Director Raven Jackson has crafted an achingly beautiful tone poem of a film. The visuals linger with you long after the credits roll.” – Variety

“An evocative mood piece that immerses you in the rural south through its arresting visuals and poetic introspection.” – Hollywood Reporter

“The title becomes clearer through the film’s lyrical exploration of a woman’s life journey in Mississippi. A rewarding watch.” – Screen International

The consistent praise of the cinematography and lyrical nature of the film suggests All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt will deliver a visually poetic, atmospheric viewing experience reflective of the rural south.

What to Expect from All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt

While substantial plot details remain under wraps, based on all available information, audiences can expect the following when the film releases:

  • A visually stunning, poetic portrayal of Mississippi
  • An intimate exploration of a female protagonist over several decades
  • Evocative cinematography with a haunting, lyrical style
  • Ambiguous themes about life, memories, and the passing of time
  • An eccentric title open to interpretation but connected to the film’s meaning
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For fans of atmospheric indies and meditative southern dramas, All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt seems poised to deliver a uniquely affecting cinematic experience. Those interested should check their local theaters in November when the film sees its broader theatrical release. The title promises to take viewers on an evocative journey across one woman’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions About All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt

Here are answers to some common questions about the upcoming drama film:

When will All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt be released?

The film is scheduled for a theatrical release in the United States on November 3, 2023. International release dates are still TBA.

What festivals has All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt played at?

The film has screened at Sundance, San Sebastián, New York, London, and several other major film festivals in 2023. It is slated for additional festival showings in October.

Who stars in the movie?

Full cast details have not yet been announced to the public. The lead actress is rumored to be a breakout performer.

What is the plot of the film?

Specific plot details remain under wraps. We know it explores a woman’s life in Mississippi over several decades. Reviewers cite a lyrical, poetic tone.

Why is the movie titled All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt?

The meaning behind the distinctive title is open to interpretation and likely symbolic. Popular theories connect it to themes of memory, hardship, tears, and mortality.

How have reviews been so far?

Early reviews have been very positive, especially praise for the visual style. Critics call it haunting, lyrical, and evocative in its cinematography and atmosphere.


All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt looks to be an intriguing indie drama that provides a visually arresting exploration of a woman’s journey through life in Mississippi. With Raven Jackson’s visionary direction and a mysterious, metaphorical title, the film promises to deliver a uniquely haunting and poetic experience.

Moviegoers who enjoy atmospheric dramas should keep an eye out for All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt when it rolls into theaters this November after screening at several fall film festivals. The lyrical title suggests a pensive movie that contemplates themes of memories, life paths, and human nature.

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