Best Way To Buy Movie Tickets

  1. Buy at the box office: Buying movie tickets online is the most convenient option, but buying online means you also get charged a $1 to $2 convenience fee
  1. Join a loyalty program: Many theaters offer memberships, and they’re well worth investing in for regular moviegoers. Some offer cheap tickets and discounts on concessions, while others offer streaming access to films
  1. Use AAA Tickets: AAA members can save on movie tickets by purchasing them through AAA
  1. Go on Discount Day: Many theaters offer discounted tickets on certain days of the week
  1. Opt for the Matinee: Matinee tickets are usually cheaper than evening tickets
  1. Find a Late-Run Theater: Late-run theaters show movies that have already been out for a few weeks, and their tickets are usually cheaper
  1. Avoid the national chains and stay local: Go to your neighborhood cinema or travel to the next neighborhood over to score cheap tickets. The cinemas above are all on the lower spectrum of movie ticket prices.
  1. Look for coupon codes: Before you buy your ticket online, look for coupon codes. Use a browser extension like Honey or search the name of your movie theater, the word “coupon” and the month and year (to avoid returning expired codes
  1. Buy tickets in bulk: Most movie theaters offer bulk tickets for less than a standard movie ticket. As long as the tickets aren’t tied to a specific movie and don’t expire for a while, purchase the minimum number of tickets and use them throughout the year
  1. Check for deals at warehouse clubs: Stores like Costco and Sam’s Club sell movie tickets and gift cards for movie tickets at a discount
  1. Leverage your dinner: You may be able to lower the price of your ticket by purchasing your meal at the same time
  1. Follow theaters on social media: Sign up for newsletters and promos with your neighborhood theater directly via their website. Also follow them on their social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter
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Reserve cheap seats for a large group: You can do this yourself to reserve cheap seats for a large group seeing the same movie, or you can check with community groups – such as grocery stores and gas stations – which is perfect if you only want a couple of tickets, but you still want the discounted price

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