Borderlands 2024 Release Dates Around the World

Borderlands is one of the most highly anticipated video game adaptations coming to the big screen in 2024. Based on the popular looter shooter series from Gearbox Software, Borderlands follows a group of Vault Hunters on the abandoned planet of Pandora as they search for a mysterious alien vault rumored to contain advanced technology and riches beyond imagination.

With its stylized visuals, outrageous characters, and offbeat humor, Borderlands has attracted a huge cult following over the years. Fans have been eagerly awaiting a film adaptation ever since the possibility was first teased years ago. Now with an all-star cast that includes Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis and Jack Black, the Borderlands movie is finally becoming a reality.

But when exactly will fans around the world get to see this wild videogame adaptation on the big screen? Here’s a look at the scheduled Borderlands 2024 release dates for theaters around the globe.

Borderlands International Release Dates

  • August 8, 2024 – Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine
  • August 9, 2024 – Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Spain, United Kingdom
  • August 9, 2024 (internet) – Mexico
  • August 9, 2024 – Turkey, United States
  • August 21, 2024 – Philippines
BORDERLANDS Trailer (2024)

The Borderlands global release kicks off on August 8th, 2024 in several European countries like Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine. Latin American territories like Argentina and Brazil also get the movie starting on this date.

On August 9th, the film releases in the majority of English-speaking markets including Australia, Canada, UK and the United States. Spain and Ecuador are among other regions opening on this date.

In Mexico, Borderlands has an internet release scheduled for August 9th as well. This means the movie will be available on streaming or VOD services on the same day as the theatrical debut in other parts of North and South America.

The Philippines receives the later release on August 21st to round out the initial global rollout. Specific dates for other Asian markets like China, Japan and South Korea have not been announced yet.

Why Are International Release Dates Staggered?

The staggered release dates for Borderlands across different countries and continents is a common strategy for major Hollywood films today. There are a few key reasons for this approach:

  • Managing capacity – Having a single global launch date would put huge strain on production and distribution logistics. Staggering release dates gives studios more flexibility to meet demand.
  • Timing releases – Opening films across different weeks maximizes opportunities for a successful box office run. Releases can be aligned with school holidays or timed to avoid competition from other major films in each market.
  • Piracy – By opening first in territories with better piracy controls, studios attempt to minimize early illegal online leaks which could hurt box office earnings.
  • Censorship – Some countries require more time for censorship boards to approve a film’s release. A staggered approach builds in this flexibility.
  • Translation – Sufficient time is required to translate and distribute prints of films like Borderlands with extensive dialogue into dozens of languages.
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In the case of Borderlands, the decision to start with a European release on August 8th may be to give the movie a chance to build momentum before opening against other blockbusters in the competitive US summer timeframe. The film can get an early foothold in major European markets like Germany before launching in North America and Australia a day later when school summer vacations are in full swing.

United States Opening Weekend Projections

In the United States, Borderlands has the potential for a strong opening weekend from August 9-11, 2024. Early projections indicate the videogame adaptation could earn upwards of $30-40 million domestically in its first 3 days.

However, Borderlands faces stiff competition from other major franchise films also opening in August 2024, including:

  • August 2Madame Web (Sony Marvel movie)
  • August 9Challengers (A24 tennis drama with Zendaya)
  • August 16The Meg 2 (Jason Statham shark thriller sequel)

Releasing against the Zendaya drama Challengers on the same August 9th date poses a challenge for Borderlands. The two films will likely be drawing from a similar young adult demographic.

To push past $40M, Borderlands will need strong turnout from its established gaming fanbase. Positive reviews praising the film’s faithfulness to the games will also help drive opening weekend crowds and word-of-mouth.

The ultimate domestic box office will depend on Borderlands having broad appeal beyond just loyal Borderlands players. With its flashy visuals and A-list cast, the movie aims for mass pop culture impact like other video game adaptations such as Detective Pikachu or Sonic the Hedgehog. But it will need to deliver an experience entertaining enough to draw in general audiences if it wants to join the $100M+ box office club.

Canada and UK Release Plans

Two other major English-speaking markets where Borderlands is opening on August 9, 2024 are Canada and the United Kingdom.


In Canada, Borderlands will be getting a wide release across major cinema chains like Cineplex, Landmark and AMC. As a bilingual country, Canada will see both an English version and French dubbed version of Borderlands released concurrently in theaters on opening day.

The French dub is expected to feature Canadian voice actors re-recording the dialogue into a Quebec French translation. This allows the movie to appeal to broader audiences in both languages across Canada.

Borderlands will have stiff competition its opening weekend in Canada from other August 9 releases like Challengers. A key battleground will be Toronto, where Borderlands will need to attract moviegoers away from indie favorite Challengers likely playing at local art house theaters.

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Industry projections peg Borderlands for a $4-5 million opening weekend in Canada. Strong reviews and word-of-mouth will be essential to help the movie leg out against a crowded August slate.

United Kingdom

Across the pond, the Borderlands UK release also lands on August 9, 2024. This positions the sci-fi action flick as a big tentpole release for the tail end of the summer school holiday period.

However, another film targeting similar audiences – Idris Elba’s Beast – opens in the UK two weeks earlier on July 22. Beast is an survival thriller about a father and daughters being hunted by a rogue lion. With Elba’s star power, this movie could take a bite out of Borderlands’ potential box office.

£5 million is a reasonable opening weekend target for Borderlands in the UK. Marketing will need to emphasize the film’s stylized gun-filled action to differentiate it from the realism of Beast. Connecting with the game’s British fanbase will also be key.

Anticipation Building in Australia

Down under in Australia, gaming fans are eagerly counting down the days until Borderlands hits cinemas on August 9. The Borderlands games have always been hugely popular in the Australian market.

Gamers are hoping the movie captures the anarchic “gun-punk” style and dark humor that makes Borderlands such a beloved franchise. There is excitement around seeing the games’ distinct visuals brought to life on the big screen.

Based on data from Aussie search trends and social media chatter, Borderlands is shaping up as a top 5 most anticipated August release alongside films like Opponent, The Lioness, and local tennis drama The Woodcutter.

A strong $3-4 million AUD opening weekend seems achievable if Borderlands can meet expectations. Strong reviews from preview screenings will be important for building buzz. The movie will need to excite general moviegoers, not just existing gamers.

Australia is prime territory for Borderlands to succeed if the film can effectively channel the vibe of the games that holds such appeal Down Under. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed it will live up to the hype!

Germany and Russia Among First to See Borderlands

On August 8, moviegoers in Germany and Russia will be the first audiences worldwide to experience the mayhem of Borderlands on cinema screens.

Germany in particular has been a lucrative market for past video game adaptations. The Tomb Raider reboot earned over $11M Euros there, while Detective Pikachu grossed nearly €15M. Warcraft also found success in Germany with €9.5M in box office.

Borderlands aims to continue that trend when it launches in Germany a week ahead of its US release. Strong marketing has targeted the game’s established German fanbase. Provided reviews are solid, a €7-8M Euro opening looks possible.

Meanwhile in Russia, the Borderlands games also enjoy popularity, though local audiences are less familiar with the film’s cast. A Russian language dub will help make it more accessible. 300-500M rubles ($5-8M) seems a reasonable opening target if the movie satisfies appetites for explosive sci-fi action.

Will China Get a Release?

One question mark around Borderlands’ global rollout is whether China will receive a theatrical release. As the world’s second largest movie market, China is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to global box office earnings.

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However, China has strict censorship laws and limits on how many foreign films can screen theatrically each year. Movies with heavy violence, gaming connections or supernatural themes often fail to get approval.

Given Borderlands’ chaotic style, a China release could be an uphill battle. Comparable titles like Warcraft and Detective Pikachu never screened theatrically there.

Reports indicate the producers are still working to secure Chinese distribution, but no confirmations yet. At best, Borderlands may get an altered cut approved for China months after its initial worldwide rollout. But a China release in 2024 seems like a long shot.


When will Borderlands be released in the United States?

Borderlands is scheduled to release theatrically in the United States on August 9, 2024.

What countries will get Borderlands first?

The earliest release date for Borderlands globally is August 8, 2024 in several European markets including Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine.

How much could Borderlands earn opening weekend in the US?

Early projections forecast a US opening weekend between $30-40 million based on the film’s high-profile cast and anticipation from fans of the games.

Will Borderlands be released in both English and French in Canada?

Yes, Canada will receive both an English version and a French dubbed version of Borderlands in theaters on the August 9, 2024 release date.

What’s the expected opening weekend box office for Borderlands in the UK?

Industry analysts predict an opening weekend around £5 million in the United Kingdom. Strong reviews and marketing to gaming fans will be important.

Will Borderlands get a release in China?

It’s uncertain if Borderlands will get an official theatrical release in China due to the country’s strict censorship policies. China also limits the number of foreign films screened each year.

How much could Borderlands earn in its opening weekend in Germany?

Early projections for Germany indicate a €7-8 million opening weekend is achievable based on the success of previous video game films there.


The eagerly awaited Borderlands movie adaptation hits theaters around the globe in August 2024, bringing the anarchic world of the hit video games to life on the big screen. Fans can look forward to a wild ride filled with insane characters, high-octane action and plenty of guns as Borderlands aims to become the next major game-inspired blockbuster.

While the exact box office prospects remain to be seen, the combination of stellar A-list talent, established gaming brand, and stylized, effects-driven spectacle should help Borderlands leave its mark when it starts rolling out internationally from August 8 and in the key North American market on August 9. With variations in competition and release strategies across regions, it will be intriguing to see how Borderlands mania manifests in each territory.

One thing seems certain – after years of anticipation, the mayhem is finally coming to a cinema near you. It’s time to lock, load and get ready for the ride of a lifetime when Borderlands brings the crazy to screens worldwide!

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