Kinds of Kindness 2024 – The Quirky New Yorgos Lanthimos Film’s Release Dates

Get Ready Movie Fans – A New Yorgos Lanthimos Mind-Bender is Coming!

You read that right, folks! The Greek master of weird, Yorgos Lanthimos, is back with another genre-blending, thought-provoking film called Kinds of Kindness. And this time, he’s assembled an incredible cast led by Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons, and Margaret Qualley to bring his latest dark comedic vision to life.

If you’re a fan of Lanthimos’ previous mind-benders like The Favourite, The Lobster, and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, then you know you’re in for a delightfully absurd, unsettling, and symbolism-laden ride. This guy doesn’t do straightforward storytelling!

What’s Kinds of Kindness About?

From what we can gather from the vague plot synopsis, Kinds of Kindness is an anthology film exploring three separate storylines:

  1. A man trying to break free from his predetermined life path
  2. A cop whose wife returns from a supposed drowning incident… but seems like a completely different person
  3. A woman’s quest to find a prophesied spiritual leader with extraordinary abilities

Sounds pretty weird and intriguing, right? Leave it to Lanthimos to take some oddball premises and spin them into a compelling, metaphysical exploration of concepts like free will, identity, and the human condition.

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KINDS OF KINDNESS Trailer (2024) Emma Stone

KINDS OF KINDNESS Trailer (2024) Emma Stone

When and Where Can I Watch Kinds of Kindness?

I know you’re all eager to have your minds bent by Lanthimos’ latest, so let’s cut to the chase – when can you actually see Kinds of Kindness in theaters?

For moviegoers in the US and Canada, the film hits theaters on June 21, 2024. But if you’re across the pond in the UK and Ireland, you’ll have to wait a little longer until June 28th.

Meanwhile, Turkish audiences get it a week later on July 5th, and for my friends down under in Australia, the release date is July 11th, 2024.

More release dates for other countries will likely be announced as we get closer to the film’s premiere. But those are the major markets covered so far.

The Stellar Kinds of Kindness Cast

Okay, so now you know when and where you can catch Kinds of Kindness on the big screen. But who exactly is starring in this anthology of weird?

Leading the charge are three phenomenal actresses:

  • Emma Stone, who has already worked with Lanthimos on The Favourite and reportedly gives another tour-de-force performance.
  • Margaret Qualley, the up-and-coming star from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood flexing her dramatic skills.
  • Hunter Schafer, the breakout Euphoria star making a leap to films.

They’re joined by an ensemble including Jesse Plemons, Willem Dafoe, Joe Alwyn, Hong Chau, and Mamoudou Athie. Quite an eclectic mix of talented actors to bring Lanthimos’ strange vision to life!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m super intrigued to see what fresh brand of stylized insanity Lanthimos has cooked up this time with such a killer cast at his disposal.

What is the genre of Kinds of Kindness?

Kinds of Kindness blends dark comedy, drama, and elements of psychological thriller/horror based on Lanthimos’ previous work. Expect plenty of his trademark satirical, uncomfortable humor amidst the drama and mystery.

Who are the directors of Kinds of Kindness?

Yorgos Lanthimos is the sole director of Kinds of Kindness. He co-wrote the screenplay with his frequent collaborator Efthimis Filippou.

What other films has Yorgos Lanthimos directed?

Some of Yorgos Lanthimos’ other acclaimed films include The Favourite, The Lobster, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Dogtooth, and Alps. He’s renowned for his unique postmodern sensibilities and dark, absurdist humor.

Will Kinds of Kindness be released on streaming?

As of now, there’s no information on when or where Kinds of Kindness will be available for streaming after its initial theatrical release in 2024. Details on digital/home release will likely be announced closer to the theatrical premieres.


Well, there you have it – all the key details on the release dates and background for Yorgos Lanthimos’ eagerly anticipated new film Kinds of Kindness. If you’re a fan of his delightfully disturbing explorations of the human psyche through an absurdist lens, then this anthology flick starring Emma Stone, Margaret Qualley, and a stacked ensemble is a must-see.

Mark your calendars for the theatrical premieres around the world starting June 21, 2024. With Lanthimos at the helm, Kinds of Kindness is sure to be one of the most original, thought-provoking, and just plain weird films of next year that you won’t want to miss on the big screen! Get ready to have your minds bent once again.

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