Love Lies Bleeding 2024 Release Dates Around the World

Love Lies Bleeding is an upcoming 2024 film directed by Rose Glass and starring Kristen Stewart, Dave Franco, and Katy O’Brian. The pulpy thriller tells the story of a passionate romance that takes a violent turn when secrets and obsessions are revealed.

With its star-studded cast and buzzy premise, Love Lies Bleeding is one of the most anticipated films of 2024. Movie fans around the world are eagerly awaiting its release, but when exactly can they expect to see it?

Here is a rundown of the Love Lies Bleeding 2024 release dates for major countries:

Love Lies Bleeding | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24
  • United States – March 8, 2024
  • United Kingdom – April 19, 2024
  • Australia – March 14, 2024
  • Canada – March 8, 2024
  • Germany – February 18, 2024 (Berlin Film Festival)

The film will roll out across Europe, Asia, and South America throughout Spring and Summer 2024.

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Early Film Festival Appearances

Before its widespread theatrical release, Love Lies Bleeding is making the rounds at high-profile film festivals:

  • Sundance Film Festival – January 20, 2024
  • Berlin International Film Festival – February 18, 2024
  • Glasgow Film Festival – February 28, 2024
  • Luxembourg City Film Festival – March 10, 2024

These festival screenings are generating early critical buzz for Love Lies Bleeding months prior to its release for general audiences. Early reviews out of Sundance and Berlin have been largely positive, praising the film’s stylish direction and captivating lead performances.

Why Are Release Dates Different Across Countries?

The rollout of Love Lies Bleeding across various regions and dates is strategic. Film distributors take many factors into account, including:

  • Competition – Love Lies Bleeding is pegged as counterprogramming to male-led blockbusters releasing in Spring/Summer. Distributors analyze schedules to find ideal opening weekends.
  • Audience demand – Strong pre-release buzz in UK and Germany makes those early release dates key.
  • Marketing push – Stars Kristen Stewart and Dave Franco will make in-person appearances to promote key regions’ releases.
  • Financial incentives – Government film incentives and co-production deals influence some strategic release dates.

Marketing Campaign Ramps Up In Early 2024

In the months leading up to Love Lies Bleeding’s broad release, expect its marketing campaign to kick into high gear. Trailers, posters, talk show appearances, press interviews, and more will raise mainstream awareness of the film across global territories.

The film’s stars have major fanbases worldwide, especially Stewart thanks to her Twilight fame. Their popularity will be leveraged heavily in ads and promos to lure fans into theaters during Love Lies Bleeding’s big screen run in Spring/Summer 2024.

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How To Keep Up With Release Date News

As release approaches, Love Lies Bleeding will confirm specific dates for additional countries. Keep an eye on the following sources for updates:

  • The film’s official website and social media pages
  • International distributors’ websites
  • Regional film publications and entertainment news sites
  • Listings for local cinema chains/multiplexes

Key international distributors to watch for Love Lies Bleeding release date announcements include:

  • UK – Film4
  • Australia/NZ – Madman Entertainment
  • Europe – Metropolitan Filmexport
  • Asia – Mediacorp Raintree Pictures

Will Love Lies Bleeding Be Available On Streaming?

While Love Lies Bleeding is getting a major global theatrical release, many fans are also wondering if/when it will be available online.

In most regions, you can expect Love Lies Bleeding to hit streaming roughly 45-90 days after its theatrical premiere. This aligns with typical Hollywood release formats giving movies an exclusive cinematic run before digital distribution.

Streaming services expected to acquire post-theatrical rights to Love Lies Bleeding include:

  • USA – Peacock (NBCUniversal)
  • International – Netflix

Once again, because of distribution agreements, online availability may vary by region and evolve in early 2025 and beyond.


Get quick answers to the most common questions about the 2024 rollout of Love Lies Bleeding:

Why are there early film festival screenings of Love Lies Bleeding?

Film festivals give distributors a chance to showcase buzzy movies to press and influencers months before theatrical release. Positive early reviews coming out of Sundance and Berlin build credibility and word-of-mouth for Love Lies Bleeding leading up to its global launch.

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When is Love Lies Bleeding releasing in China?

An official China release date for Love Lies Bleeding is still TBA. However, given China’s strict and often delayed approval process for foreign films, late 2024 or 2025 is the best estimate for this region.

Where can I watch a trailer or clips of Love Lies Bleeding?

Promos are available on the movie’s official Instagram page @loveliesbleedingfilm. The teasers showcase steamy scenes between stars Kristen Stewart and Dave Franco to entice audiences.

How long will Love Lies Bleeding spend in theaters?

Major theater chains book mainstream films for extended runs of 2-3 months on average. However, box office performance also determines how long movies remain on the big screen. Expect Love Lies Bleeding to have an exclusive theatrical window of 6-10 weeks.

Is Love Lies Bleeding based on a book?

No, Love Lies Bleeding is an original screenplay although possibly inspired by pulp novels and erotic thrillers of decades past. The script comes from breakout indie writer/director Rose Glass in her sophmore effort following the shocking 2022 horror Saint Maud.

In summary, thriller fans around the globe are hotly anticipating Love Lies Bleeding’s tense tale of passion and menace. While release dates vary by region, the film will sate eager audiences in theaters and on streaming throughout 2024.

Check your local cinema listings in Spring and beyond for showtimes of this provocative romantic page-turner brought to life!

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