Top 10 Best TV Shows of 2024 April

  • Major new premieres in April 2024 included The First Omen, Monkey Man, Girls State, The People’s Joker, Dinosaur, and Hapless
  • Critical favorites for best shows of 2024 so far included Shōgun, One Day, Ripley, Masters of the Air, and True Detective: Night Country
  • Popular hits like Fallout, The Gentlemen, and Sugar drew huge viewer numbers despite more mixed reviews

A Stacked April for New Series Premieres

April 2024 was an absolutely massive month for new TV premieres across streaming and theaters. Let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest new shows that launched:

The First Omen (Theaters)

The First Omen | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios

This biblical horror/thriller hit theaters on April 5th as one of the most hyped movies of the year. Early reviews were pretty positive, praising the creepy atmosphere and tense storytelling. While some felt it played things a bit too safe, most agreed it was an effectively scary new take on demonic possession tales.

Monkey Man (Theaters)

Monkey Man - Official Trailer (2024) Dev Patel

Another high-profile theatrical release, Monkey Man brought a weird and wild superhero story to the big screen. This ultraviolent satire followed a Midwestern factory worker who gains powers from injecting himself with chimp genes. It pushed boundaries with its aggressive humor and social commentary.

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Girls State (Apple TV+)

GIRLS STATE Trailer (2024) Apple TV+

This documentary series from the creators of Boys State took viewers behind the scenes of an annual program where teenage girls create their own mock government. With stirring drama and plenty of laughs, it earned rave reviews for its inspiring yet unvarnished look at young women finding their political voices.

The People’s Joker (Theaters)

The People's Joker - Official Trailer (2024) Vera Drew, Lynn Downey

One of the year’s most controversial films, The People’s Joker re-imagined the comic book villain as a revolutionary anti-hero fighting against systemic injustice. Its gritty, anarchic visuals and unapologetically radical politics sparked tons of debate and think pieces.

Dinosaur (Hulu)

Dinosaur | Official Trailer | Hulu

This eye-popping fantasy series brought dinosaurs to life in jaw-dropping fashion thanks to cutting-edge VFX. While the human drama didn’t quite live up to the dazzling visual spectacle, Dinosaur still made for a wildly fun prehistoric adventure full of epic action set pieces.

Hapless (Peacock)

Hapless - U.S. Trailer

Hapless followed an incredibly unlucky woman who just can’t seem to catch a break, no matter how hard she tries. Despite its goofy premise, the comedy series earned praise for its clever writing and charming lead performance that made you really root for the hapless heroine.

Critic’s Picks for Best of 2024 (So Far)

10 best TV Series of 2024 (so far) | New TV Shows of 2024

While many of those new releases made a big splash, plenty of ongoing and recently premiered shows from earlier in 2024 made critics’ lists of the year’s best so far:

Shōgun (Disney+)

Shōgun | Official Trailer | Disney+ Singapore

This big-budget adaptation of the classic novel brought feudal Japan to vivid life, with critics hailing its intricate plotting and gorgeous cinematography. The “tense chess game between warrior factions” made for one of 2024’s most gripping dramas so far.

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One Day (Netflix)

One Day | Official Trailer | Netflix

An anthology series in the vein of 24 where each episode chronicled a single fateful day in excruciatingly tense real-time, One Day garnered acclaim as a masterclass in slowburn suspense storytelling. Its stripped-down format and focus on ordinary people in extraordinarily harrowing circumstances really made it stand out.

Ripley (Netflix)

One Day | Official Trailer | Netflix

Based on the Patricia Highsmith novels, this psychological thriller starred a perfectly cast Margot Robbie as the enigmatic con artist Tom Ripley. Ripley’s unsettlingly intimate character study of a sociopath earned it comparisons to prestige dramas like The Night Of and The Undoing.

Masters of the Air (Apple TV+)

Masters of the Air — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

This spiritual successor to Band of Brothers continued that franchise’s tradition of immersive, harrowing wartime docudramas. Its gritty depictions of bomber crews during WWII were simultaneously horrifying and deeply humanizing, with a stacked ensemble cast giving the material the dramatic heft it deserved.

True Detective: Night Country (HBO/Sky Atlantic)

After a shaky third season, Nic Pizzolatto’s anthology crime series regained its footing with Night Country. This eerie mystery in the Ozark Mountains masterfully blended rich sense-of-place atmosphere with a twisting narrative puzzle box full of small town secrets and shadowy conspiracies.

Popular Hits Winning Over Audiences

Of course, critical acclaim isn’t everything. Several more popcorn-friendly crowdpleasers struck a chord with mass audiences, even if they didn’t earn the same rapturous reviews:

Fallout (8.6 User Rating)

Based on the hit video game series, Fallout brought the gritty post-apocalyptic world to vivid life with stunning visuals and a gamer-friendly focus on world-building and easter eggs. While many critics felt the writing was hit-or-miss, over 92,000 user reviews gave it a stellar 8.6/10 average rating as of late April.

The Gentlemen (TV-MA)

This modern twist on classic heist capers followed a group of lovable rogues pulling off elaborate cons and escapades. The Gentlemen’s cheeky tone and emphasis on humor over grit made for a light, breezy watch that drew decent reviews and solid viewership.

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Sugar (TV-MA)

No show better captured our collective obsession with the criminal underworld than this sweeping drama about a powerful Miami drug cartel. With slick action set pieces and soapy melodrama, Sugar established itself as a juicy, bingeable guilty pleasure full of over-the-top twists.

Mr & Mrs Smith and Other Potential Sleeper Hits

A couple other high-profile series that launched in early 2024 bear watching to see if they develop into word-of-mouth sensations:

Mr & Mrs Smith (Prime Video)

This action-packed romantic comedy starred Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively as a seemingly ordinary suburban couple who are secretly elite assassins hired to kill each other. The cheeky meta humor and emphasis on the charismatic lead duo’s comedic chemistry could help it become a underrated cult favorite.

Expats (Prime Video)

This sophisticated dramatic thriller centered on an expatriate community in Hong Kong grappling with sinister conspiracies and personal demons. Though it flew under the radar initially, Expats’ moody atmosphere and morally murky storytelling garnered strong critical buzz that may translate to more viewers discovering it.

3 Body Problem (Netflix)

3 Body Problem | Official Trailer | Netflix

An epic, mind-bending adaptation of the influential Chinese sci-fi book trilogy, 3 Body Problem represented Netflix’s big swing at creating a prestige cerebral sci-fi series a la Westworld. Its dense mythology and scope made it a tough nut to crack at first, though the sheer ambition alone had many critics intrigued to see where its reality-bending mysteries will lead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the biggest new TV premiere in April 2024? The most hyped and biggest premiere was likely The First Omen, the new biblical horror movie that hit theaters on April 5th.

What were some of the most critically acclaimed shows of 2024 so far? According to critics’ lists, standouts included Shōgun, One Day, Ripley, Masters of the Air, and True Detective: Night Country.

What were some of the most popular audience hits?
Shows like Fallout, The Gentlemen, and Sugar were huge hits with viewers, even if reviews were more mixed.

What other new April 2024 shows should I keep an eye on? Potential sleeper hits that may build word-of-mouth hits included Mr & Mrs Smith, Expats, and 3 Body Problem.


April 2024 delivered an embarrassment of riches for TV viewers, with big new premieres across every genre hitting all the major streaming platforms and movie theaters. From epic fantasy adventures like Shōgun and Dinosaur to chilling thrillers like Ripley and The First Omen, there really was something for everyone.

While critics tended to gravitate towards more prestige-minded fare like One Day, Masters of the Air, and True Detective, shows like Fallout, Sugar, and The Gentlemen demonstrated the continued massive appeal of bingeable popcorn entertainment done well.

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