Woody Woodpecker Is Going to Camp & You’re Invited! Release Dates for 2024 Film

  • Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is an upcoming 2024 animated comedy film
  • It follows the misadventures of the iconic Woody Woodpecker at a summer camp
  • The movie releases worldwide on Netflix on April 12, 2024
  • It features the voices of Eric Bauza, Chloe De Los Santos, and Kershawn Theodore
  • The film has an estimated budget of $15 million and a runtime of 1 hour 40 minutes

A Sneak Peek at the Woody Woodpecker Camp Adventure

Imagine your favorite wacky woodpecker trading the forest for…a summer camp?! That’s exactly what’s in store for Woody Woodpecker in the highly-anticipated 2024 animated comedy “Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp.”

After getting booted from his woodland home, the iconic funny bird finds himself at Camp Woo Hoo, thinking he’s landed the perfect forever residence. But little does he know, a strict inspector is on the prowl, determined to shut down this ramshackle camp for good!

The stage is set for a wild, laugh-a-minute romp as Woody tries every trick in his feathery cap to outwit the inspector and cement his place at Camp Woo Hoo. Teaming up with some quirky camper kid pals, you just know the laughs (and mayhem!) will be nonstop.

WOODY WOODPECKER Goes to Camp Trailer (2024)

WOODY WOODPECKER Goes to Camp Trailer (2024)

Around the World in 100 Minutes: Global Release Dates

The fun kicks off on April 12, 2024, when “Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp” debuts worldwide on Netflix. That’s right, this zany summer adventure is coming to a screen near you, no matter where you are on the planet!

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Here are the confirmed global release dates for some key markets:

  • United States – April 12, 2024
  • Canada – April 12, 2024
  • United Kingdom – April 12, 2024
  • Australia – April 12, 2024
  • Germany – April 12, 2024
  • France – April 12, 2024
  • Brazil – April 12, 2024
  • Japan – April 12, 2024
  • And many more!

With Netflix’s global reach, Woody’s campground craziness will be available in over 190 countries on the April 12th premiere date. No matter if you’re in Berlin, Tokyo, or Kalamazoo, you can join in on the fun!

Meet the Campers: The Woody Woodpecker Voice Cast

Of course, no Woody Woodpecker adventure would be complete without that iconic laugh and voice. Reprising his role as the freewheeling fowl is prolific voice actor Eric Bauza.

But Woody won’t be the only animated camper you’ll meet. The film also features the vocal talents of:

  • Chloe De Los Santos as Maggie
  • Kershawn Theodore as Mikey
  • Savannah La Rain as J.J.
  • Evan Stanhope as Gus
  • And many more wacky woodpecker pals!

Some big names are lending their iconic voices too, like Kevin Michael Richardson as Buzz Buzzard and Tom Kenny as Wally Walrus.

From the Creators of Woody’s Wildest Adventures

If the plot sounds like classic Woody chaos, that’s because “Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp” is being crafted by the creators who know the zany bird best.

The film is directed by Jonathan A. Rosenbaum, with a script by the legendary Cory Edwards, Walter Lantz, and Jim Martin. Lantzco-created the original Woody Woodpecker cartoons way back in 1940, so you know this film will capture that trademark madcap spirit.

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Produced by Universal’s 1440 Entertainment animation division along with CineMation and DreamWorks Animation, the movie looks to bring Woody’s distinctive brand of visual humor to dazzling new heights.

Buzzin’ With a $15 Million Budget

While not quite on the level of big-budget Pixar epics, “Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp” is no low-rent production either. The animated romp has an estimated budget of $15 million to bring Woody’s wildest adventure yet to life.

For comparison, 2017’s previous Woody Woodpecker film had a $25 million budget. So while scaled back a bit, this 2024 movie will still pack plenty of production value for your comedy buck.

The behind-the-scenes talent, with decades of Woody experience, also virtually guarantees your money’s worth in non-stop guffaws. After all, does any price tag really matter when it comes to laughter?

Cliff-Hanging Summer Camp Shenanigans

While plot details are still tightly under wraps, one thing’s for sure – if you thought Woody’s past antics were wild, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Trapped at a rickety summer camp filled with zany kid characters and desperate to stay despite the rumblings of an inspector shut-down, you just know feathers are gonna fly. Woody’s calling card has always been taking mundane situations and turning them into absolute chaos. A summer camp setting is pretty much a recipe for disaster…and loads of laughs!

Can the irascible icon con his way into the campers’ hearts to stick around? Will his relentless pranking finally push the beleaguered inspector over the edge? There’s only one way to find out – mark your calendars for April 12, 2024 and get ready for a feathery good time!

All the Woody Goodness You Can Handle

“Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp” promises to be a giddy, guffaw-filled celebration of everyone’s favorite avian anarchist. With its global day-and-date release, brilliant voice cast, and talent pedigree, there’s no better way to welcome back classic comedy in 2024.

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Whether you’re already a diehard fan or just being introduced to Woody’s wacky world, this film offers premium laugh-out-loud hilarity that’ll have you and your family squawking for joy from the opening scene.

So quit lollygagging, get “Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp” on your must-watch list, and prepare for the wildest summer camp experience in animated history!

Q: What is the runtime of Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp?

H3: The runtime is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Q: What animation studio is producing the film?

H3: It is being produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment, CineMation, and DreamWorks Animation.

Q: Who are some of the main voice actors?

H3: The main voice cast includes Eric Bauza as Woody Woodpecker, Chloe De Los Santos as Maggie, Kershawn Theodore as Mikey, and Kevin Michael Richardson as Buzz Buzzard.

Q: What is the film’s estimated budget?

H3: Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp has an estimated budget of $15 million.

Q: Will the movie be released in theaters or on streaming?

H3: It is scheduled for a global streaming release on Netflix on April 12, 2024.


There you have it, folks – everything you need to know about “Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp” and its worldwide launch next year. With its irreverent humor, stellar voice talent, and creators who really “get” the iconic prankster woodpecker, this zany flick looks primed to delight families across the globe.

Mark those calendars for April 12, 2024, because when Woody’s around, you know you’re in for side-splitting laugh riots from beginning to end. Razz-burried campers, sputtering inspectors, and sheer avian anarchy – it’s all par for the course at Camp Woo Hoo!

So get stoked to binge this hilarious summer camp send-up from the comfort of your couch. With the one-and-only Woody Woodpecker leading the charge, you’re guaranteed a wild and wacky ride you won’t soon forget!

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